HIP HOP BLVD5 Recognizes Dowe Twins as Next Generation of Hip Hop

It was found posted on the net where the Hip Hop Group (@hiphopblvd5) Hip Hop BLVD posted a graphical award including the Dowe Twins pictures.

This is to send a message to the Dowe Twins, all their well wishers, fans and encouragers that their musical efforts in the hip hop world is widely and largely recognised.

The Hip Hop BLVD5 was seen quoting on their graphical award image “WE RECOGNIZE YOU BOTH AS THE NEXT GENERATION OF HIP HOP”.

This will sure be a big boost for the Dowe Twins as it will give them the right energy to do even more in the Hip Hop Industry.

“Hip Hop Blvd’s goal is to bring positive change in communities worldwide, while creating awareness of Hip Hop’s origins.

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