Dem Two Dowe Twins

A pair of “Perfectly Imperfect” Bronx twins on the rise using their lyrics to bring happiness, empowerment and encouragement to others.

Princeton Dowe and Brazil Dowe, the Dowe Twins aka Dem Two Dowe Twins, are not your average 14-year-olds. These Bronx twins are making waves in the music industry as the first brother-sister twin duo. The two are putting their own flare on hip hop and adding a bit of much needed positivity.

Their catchy songs embrace their uniqueness, and encourage others to love themselves too. Their first song “Gonna Love Us” urged listeners to denounce gun violence and ask that the parks be no gun zone.
Falling in love with Hip Hop the twins decided move forward with their dreams of becoming music artist. Despite life’s challenges and obstacles, the twins were able to release their first EP “Perfectly Imperfect” highlighting their “Gucci Prada” song.
“We want our music to make people happy, feel good about themselves and believe in themselves,” says Princeton, who writes most of their lyrics. “We also want to inspire other kids to follow their passions and be confident in who they are.”

The twins started making music together when they were just seven years old. But it wasn’t until they were eleven when they started performing at local events, talent shows, and most recently the Apollo Theater, where by the way they stole the show and displayed further their musical powers. They also appeared on the “2023 Power is Industry -POWER 105.1” and “2023 The Shrine World Music Venue”.

The twins’ music videos showcase their flow vibrant personalities, fashion sense and even a few dance moves as well as their love for their community.

“We want to represent where we come from and show that there’s more to the Bronx than what people might think,” says Princeton, who also plays football and muay thai. “We also want to give back to our community and inspire other kids to pursue their passions.”

Besides their music career, the twins are also great students, active members of their community , and advocates for various causes. They will soon be launching their brand to promote self-love and raise funds for organizations.

“We want to use our platform for good and spread positivity wherever we go,” says Brazil, who enjoys reading and writing and just hanging with our friends. “We hope to make a difference in the world, one song at a time.”

Dem Two Dowe Twins are definitely on the rise, with more music and hopes for collaborations one day with , some of the great artist in the game. They also aim to inspire more young artists to follow their lead and create their own paths in the music industry.

“We’re just getting started and we’re excited for the journey ahead,” says Princeton. “We know that it won’t be easy, but we’re ready for any challenge. We’re the Dowe Twins, and we’re here to stay.”

Below are the Musical Highlights & Performance of The Dowe Twins:

2023 Power is Industry -POWER 105.1
2023 The Shrine World Music Venue
2023 The Wright Time VIP Photo Exhibition
2023 National Action Network Convention
2023 Spring Break Teen Comedy in Harlem
2022 Opened twice for Dougie Fresh, Emblem Health-Healthier Futures Wellness Expo
2022 Headliners Community School 55 District 9 Resource and Back to School Fair
2022 1st Prize Winner-Powers in Industry Power 105.1 Unsigned Artist Showcase
2022 Headliners NYC Police Foundation Community Affairs Bureau, Camping in the
Park Summer Series
2022 Headliners NYPD Hispanic Society 2nd Annual Autism Awareness Event
2022 Interview/Performance DITC Studio Blueroom
2021 Performance Youth Empowerment Teen Summit-Stomp the Violence Event
2021 Headliners Windows of Hip Hop Community Block

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